MTC Wish List – Cypress Street

  • Lead Instructor for Music Appreciation Class

  • Assistant Instructor for Fine Arts Classes

  • Monetary donations for training materials, paper, school supplies, puzzles, educational games, art supplies etc.

  • (2) Vacuum Cleaners

  • Heavy Duty Shop Vacuum for Workshops

  • Plastic or wood picnic tables

MTC Wish List – Fine Arts Gallery

  • Sound System

  • Gallery Street Signage

  • Monitors – 37” flat screen TV, 27” flat screen TV

  • Energy Efficient Spotlight light bulbs

  • Refrigerator (preferable 2 ft. width any height)

  • Linen Laundry Service

MTC Wish List – James Ranch

  • Large Pavilion for Training and Recreational Use – James Ranch

  • (6) Golf Cart batteries – TRJ P8000 8V Powertron Bat. 48 (Black)

  • Cement Path Ways to/from Workshops – James Ranch

  • (4) Microwave with dial for easy usage

  • (6) Heavy duty high back outdoor plastic chairs – any color

  • (6) Outdoor cushions (front and back attached)

  • (3) Plastic or wood picnic tables

  • Professional volleyball set to include net, poles, etc.

  • Battery operated Electric Blower (Hull House-leaves)

**Floors to be polished and sealed
**Re-surface black top or repair surfaces

Urgent Need: Recliners for our Seniors!
Sofa and comfy chairs needed as well!