The MacDonald Parents Group (MPG) was founded over 40 years ago by the parents of sons and daughters who were receiving services at MacDonald Training Center. The purpose was to serve as a family support group. Today, the MPG membership is open to anyone who desires to help improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities. It is a membership organization of concerned parents, family members and friends of consumers. It is an independent organization supporting the consumers and their families at MacDonald Training Center by providing support in the areas of life enrichment, safety and health, advocacy, fund raising and volunteerism.


The MacDonald Parents Group is active in many facets of the lives of the individuals and their families. Some members serve on the Center’s Board of Directors, assist in special program activities, raise money to fund specific projects, and help orient families of new consumers to the Center. The MPG also takes an active role both locally and state-wide in advocating for persons with disabilities.

The MTC Parents Group donated the funds to build this lovely gazebo and park area at MacDonald Training Center’s Cypress St. location.

Image of Boy and Girl

MPG Takes Pride In

  • Providing opportunities for consumers to attend area attractions, sporting events and local activities to involve them in their communities.

  • Purchasing special household items for individuals in supported living homes and apartments.

  • Hosting (for over 35 years) the annual Christmas Banquet and Dance.

  • Hosting monthly dances that provide fun and entertainment for consumers and their guests.

  • Purchasing and assembling hurricane disaster kits for consumers living in their own apartments or homes in the community.

  • Providing “first home” starter kits for persons entering their first independent living situation.

  • Volunteering as committee members for various Center-sponsored fund raising events.

  • Volunteering throughout the year for Center related activities.

  • Advocating for individuals with disabilities.

  • Benefits to members.

  • Promotes awareness of services available to family members or friends with a disability.

  • Encourages informational networking and resources sharing.

  • Provides support and friendship to help meet the needs of individuals served.