MTC’s evolving partnership as exclusive packager of the SunPass Transponder for the State of Florida continues to be a great source of pride for the people we serve and our organization.

Since the beginning of this partnership in 2007, MTC has successfully packaged over 17 million transponders. Through the demands of this contract individuals with disabilities have developed vital skills for competitive employment. Many have taken these skills, including timeliness, data management, dependability, attention to detail and conflict resolution with them to community based jobs.

Through this meaningful collaboration, MTC has vastly expanded the scope of our production capabilities including developing competency and expertise with sonic welding and blister packaging. It has also demonstrated to the community that people with disabilities and the organizations that serve them are capable of quality work.

All of us at MacDonald Training Center are proud to package and ship the SunPass transponder for Florida’s Turnpike  Enterprise.

If you have any concerns about your SunPass, please contact:contact us

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