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Elevate         Educate        Empower           Employ

 MTC’s Day Services provides supportive vocational education to maximize each person’s skills in job readiness, daily living and communication. Training is person centered, to attain the greatest degree of independence for each individual.
Vocational education focuses on Certificate based technical skills with elevated life skills development to assure employers that the candidates have the talents and skills needed for employment and the emotional intelligence to navigate an inclusive, neurodiverse workplace

MTC’s EPIC ©Curriculum

Empowering People*Inspiring Change

  • 3E Training Room for technical, soft & safety skills
  • Computer Lab for technology training
  • Job Club for employability skills
  • Fitness Center for stamina and endurance
  • MTC Fine Arts Studios for imaginative growth
  • Community Inclusion and Outreach
  • Transition Assistance

Life Skills

Life Skills services are designed to maximize a person’s independence in activities of daily living.

Emphasis is on building skills in personal health and safety, socialization, decision making, communication, community inclusion, and enrichment activities. Services are person-centered and driven by each individual’s needs, goals and desired supports.  Services are designed for individuals with intellectual disabilities, on the Autism Spectrum and related disorders. Life skills instruction combines academic, daily living, and interpersonal skills to teach students how to live in the community.

MTC’s Job Skills

MTC’s Job Skills is vocational education which  prepares individuals with disabilities for career advancement, the possibility to earn a living wage and a more self-sufficient independent life.

Individuals enrolled in MTC’s Adult Day Training with the goal of community-based employment have the opportunity to increase their chances of success by enrolling in a variety of new educational and vocational cohorts. Curriculum was developed to provide pathways to employment in the fastest growing sectors in Florida aligning with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s November 2018 report: Technology, Manufacturing, HealthCare and Hospitality. Many of the curriculums were developed with assistance from University level educators, all have been vetted by industry and subject matter experts. Each cohort provides services, supports, and experiential opportunities, with the aim of enhancing skills that will prepare individuals with disabilities to succeed in workplace and post-secondary education settings. Communication and interpersonal skills leading to job performance; financial literacy; public transportation management as well as job-seeking skills; and other “soft” life skills necessary for employment are integral to the training platforms.

The curriculum focuses on professional and personal growth emphasizing critical thinking, communication styles and leadership development. This collective effort to prepare job seekers for employment by elevating their interpersonal skills and equipping them with nationally recognized certifications may assuage any conscious or unconscious reservations an employer may have about hiring a person with a disability.

Technical Skills

Vocational Skills Training in realistic settings

Manufacturing: MTC’s Distribution and Receiving training concentrates of mastery of the core competencies of material handling at the front-line (entry-level through front-line supervisor) through successful completion of the Certified Logistics Technician certification assessments.  The goal of the CLT certification program is to raise the level of performance of logistics workers and to assist the individuals in finding higher-wage jobs.

Hospitality and Healthcare: Healthcare and Hospitality  are taught in a fully outfitted mini-hospital room donated by Moffitt Cancer Center.

Technology: The top requested skill in online employment ads is proficiency in Microsoft Office, according to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s November 2018 report.  MTC offers this training in our EXCEL, Excellence in Computer Education and Learning technology lab. An adjunct professor teaches the curriculum and Certifications include Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Technical  Specialist and IC3.

Technical skills range from eQuality Solutions electronics recycling, refurbishment, and software installation, to  material handling, inventory management, safety training and heavy machine operation.   Training is to industry standards including OSHAS10 and Microsoft Refurbishment certification, R2, ISO,OHSAS(800) standards.

In January 2016 eQuality Solutions was awarded R2:2013, ISO 14001:2003 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications. These certifications validate that all our processes and procedures regarding recycling are annually audited by an accredited third party auditor.  These audits measure compliance with the industry’s highest standards regarding data security, health & safety, and the environment.


Excellence in Computer Education and Learning 

Technology Education for People on the Autism Spectrum and related disabilities

EXCEL, MTC’s new Excellence in Computer Education and Learning technology education cohort, developed in partnership with local universities and employers, is uniquely aligned to the skills and affinities of youth on the Autism Spectrum.  Curriculum includes Microsoft Office Specialist, instruction in data entry, programming, network basics, Microsoft Office fundamentals and IC (3)  tracks. The program provides services, supports, and experiential opportunities, with the aim of enhancing skills that will prepare students on the Autism Spectrum to succeed in workplace and post secondary education settings.

EXCEL for individuals 18 and over, is a 12 month program which increases the chance of finding and retaining community based employment.

Participants will have the opportunity to obtain nationally-recognized industry specific certification(s) in computer education and practical workplace skills development which may lead to a heightened interest in further post secondary education.

The program requires completion of industry courses as well as employment preparation courses, work-simulation experiences, self advocacy, peer-mentoring, independent living and social skills training. MacDonald Training Center is a certified Microsoft testing site and students may obtain:

  • Microsoft Office Specialist certification with an understanding of office applications, networking basics, electronic communication, and the internet.
  • Microsoft Technical Specialist showing proficiency in computer fundamentals, , software refurbishment and hardware repair.
  • IC3 certification (( IC³) provides the validated skills and knowledge required for use and recycling of computer hardware, and software.

Community Skills

Community Skills is intended for individuals who may have a long term goal for employment or who may be presently employed and seek additional support with social skills and navigating the workplace. Various social skills concepts are addressed through a combination of activities in the community, vocational skills training, meaningful volunteer opportunities and special projects.  Strategies are set to achieve employment goals. Community Skills provides an opportunity to promote independence and positively impacts future individual transitions. These opportunities provide the tools needed for career advancement,  a more independent and rewarding life.

Enhanced Services

Enhanced Services offers a greater level of support in a more structured setting. A smaller staff ratio is provided so that individuals may enjoy a meaningful day while participating in community activities, volunteerism, and life enrichment opportunities.

Senior Services

Senior Services are available to individuals who are at least 55 years old who wish to enjoy a relaxed environment, with a choice of meaningful activities.

Transportation Services

Transportation Services are provided to our Day Services locations in Tampa and Plant City. Routes in Tampa currently cover North, West and Central Hillsborough County. Plant City operates routes as far East as Lakeland and South of Brandon. Our fleet of modern vans includes fully accessible vehicles. Some are equipped with adaptive features and lifts to accommodate those with ambulatory challenges


Graduating from high school and uncertain about what lies ahead?
MacDonald Training Center has a variety of services which effectively transition young people with disabilities into their post high school lives.
For information on MTC’s transition services, please email  Samantha Gwaltney, Chief Operating Officer: [email protected]
Funding Accepted: MedWaiver, General Revenue, Vocational Rehabilitation, Consumer Directed Care, Private Pay.