Change a Life, One Strand at a Time!

Repurpose your Gasparilla Pirate Beads at MacDonald Training Center and provide opportunities that will
change the lives of your friends and neighbors with disabilities!

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For your convenience a collection bin is located at the front door of our main facility
5420 W. Cypress Street, where you may drop off your beads 24 hours a day!

Repackaged beads will be available for purchase in the spring. Please check back with us, or leave your information by calling 870-1300 ext. 310 or email us at [email protected] and we will notify you when the beads are ready for purchase.

All of us at MacDonald Training Center send our heartfelt thanks to The City of Tampa and our friends at Krispy Kreme for their support in this new initiative which turns beads into jobs!

Volunteer for Beads Sorting and Repackaging!

Repurposing Gasparilla Pirate Beads is a fun and interactive team-building experience, especially for large groups.  Volunteers will sort, count and package beads with MTC students and trainees who are always happy to meet new people and share this experience. This is an indoor activity but we require our volunteers to wear gloves. You can bring your own gloves or MTC will provide gloves for each volunteer. MTC can host individual or group volunteers during the week or weekend opportunities for large groups. Individuals, who wish to volunteer on a long-term basis, will be required to complete a volunteer form and undergo a background check.

For more information on volunteering at MTC, please call MTC’s Volunteer Coordinator at 813 870-1300 ext. 310.