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MTC’s success comes from our commitment to an
in-depth knowledge of each person we serve.

MTC Employment Services are “disability neutral” created to provide supports to persons with a wide range of physical and intellectual disabilities. MacDonald Training Center’s decades of serving those with hearing impairments may be tracked to the beginning of our Community Employment Services in 1971, giving MTC a long history of successfully placing individuals with severe disabilities into competitive employment. To the best of our knowledge the immediate and ongoing provision of interpreting services in American Sign Language for the deaf and hearing impaired is unique to our organization.

Employment Services

Employment Services provides individuals with the necessary one-on-one employability skills training and services such as:

  • Resume’ preparation and interview etiquette
  • Job development and utilizing an individual’s community support network
  • Web-enhanced job search
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Transportation and travel training
  • Community based job observations Job fair attendance
  • Competitive job placement services
  • On-the-job training and skills acquisition
  • Self-advocacy
  • Job maintenance services and utilization of natural supports
  • Interpreting services in American Sign Language
  • ADA assistance and employer/co-worker sensitivity training
  • Career advancement support and financial benefits planning

Supported Employment

Supported Employment provides assistance in acquiring and maintaining community based competitive employment. Supported employment coaches work side-by-side to assist with…

Acquiring needed job-skills, Developing job opportunities, Obtaining the job, Providing on-the-job training, Soft skills training and guidance, and Developing natural supports.

Supported Employment utilizes a one to one person-centered approach in obtaining competitive employment by utilizing the support of an Employment Coach for job development, intensive systematic job training and job maintenance services for the duration of employment This best practice approach is essential for ensuring satisfaction and success throughout the employment process.

Job Placement/Time-Limited Supported Employments Services

Job Placement/Time-Limited Supported Employments Services is designed for those who have previous work experiences and/or have life experiences which can more easily transfer into specific job skills. Employment specialists are flexible in providing only those services needed for successful employment. Job maintenance services are available for the first 90 days of employment. Follow-along services may also be available through our collaboration with Hillsborough County Schools.

Employment Services for Individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

HEAR (Hearing Education Awareness& Recruitment)

Woman Teaching Sign LanguageEmpowerment, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Employment services for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing
  • Diversity Training for Employers
  • Customized Employment Services for Job Seekers and Businesses

Grant funding from The Able Trust is expanding MTC’s services to people who are deaf and hard of hearing. This includes young people seeking first time employment and adults seeking a new job or advancement on their chosen career path.

HEAR is expressly designed to provide individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing, who have traditionally been underserved, the opportunity to gain employability skills, vocational counseling, resume preparation, job development, job placement assistance, interpreting services in American Sign Language, job maintenance (follow-along), career advancement, benefits planning, and service coordination.

Diversity Trainings are available to employers. Our team works together with the shared goal to change stereotypic employer attitudes, unconscious bias and outright employment discrimination, which often denies people with disabilities the chance for employment. Through exposure to our many resources, those situations in which an employer is willing to provide an employment opportunity to an individual, but may lack the confidence or awareness of the supports available, may instead have successful outcomes of meaningful, full time employment.