MacDonald Training Center‘s Employment Services connects job seekers with disabilities to businesses in the community that have a need for their unique skills, talents and abilities.

MTC is a qualified direct service provider with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) under the Department of Education for Employment Services.

Why MTC Works?

Businesses that are inclusive  – in recruitment, retention and advancement – benefit from a wider pool of talent, skills and creative business solutions.  Additionally, neurodiverse work environments that are flexible and open to the talents of all qualified individuals, including those with disabilities, actually promote workplace success for everyone.

As the premier provider of disability neutral employment placement services for people with disabilities in Hillsborough County, MTC provides employment placement services to adults with many diverse physical or cognitive disabilities.

MTC’s 40+ years of connections to the business community includes decades of partnerships with Human Resource Specialists through our various associations, including a Business Advisory Council and other advisory relationships.

We are particularly aware of and sensitive to the need for these employment placement supports to assist deaf and neurodiverse young adults transitioning from school or college into the community.   Our long standing relationships with the Florida Department of Education through Hillsborough County Schools  and collaboration with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, is an ongoing source of referrals for placements. We’ve received partnership status with Florida’s  Unique Abilities Partner Program.

MTC is an active member of the Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Tampa Downtown Partnership and the Westshore Alliance as a means of soliciting job placements. Our roster of 60+ active employers ranges from Bank of America to the Seminole Hard Rock Café.


  • Resume and Cover Letter Creation

  • Job Application Assistance

  • Interview Preparation

  • Job Offer Negotiation Support

  • Job Specific Support

  • Limited Time Transportation Voucher Program


  • Carving out specialized positions to fit YOUR needs

  • Job Analysis and Consultation

  • Pre-qualifying candidates

  • On-site job training and off-site preparation

  • Diversity Training for your team

  • Always available for assistance for duration of employment

MTC’s connections to the local business community

MTC’s connections to the local business community run deep and will assist both the job seeker and employers to find the right match.  Our highly experienced Employment team is ably assisted in finding community based employment by an exceptionally well-developed Business Advisory Council (BAC).  This core group of private business sector professionals guides us in providing progressive, innovative, and effective services to both the persons served and the business community. Most of the members of this Council are Human Resource specialists who are responsible for many referrals as well as placements into community based jobs for the people we serve.  Over the decades it has been lead by professionals from Tampa International Airport, Time Warner  Communications, Bank of America, Walmart, the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and many other local employers of significance.


MacDonald Training Center is committed to working with both employer and employee to help ensure the best possible match. If you are an employer in need of qualified staff,  email us to discuss your unique needs and how we may find a well suited candidate for your consideration.
We will be happy to discuss the many benefits of having an inclusive, neurodiverse workforce! Let us meet your needs through Customized Employment–which means carving out a job based on the needs of the employer and the talents of the job seeker.

is a Federal tax credit available to employers for hiring individuals who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment.The (WOTC) is issued to employers who hire individuals with disabilities, it gives an immediate contribution (up to $2,400 per hire) to an employer’s by providing eligible employers with a federal tax credit for hiring an individual with a disability.

Diversity Trainings

MTC is committed to improving the way organizations hire and train people with disabilities. Our employment experts  work with  large and small businesses to provide diversity and employee training, and any assistance needed for the duration of employment

is a resource full of practical advice, best practices  for businesses interested in effective ways of diversifying their workplace.

person with disability working

See how easy it is to find that well suited match.

“I have really enjoyed working at the Hilton Hotel. I’ve had at least 3 jobs so far and this one is my favorite. Everyone there is very nice and they treat me very well. Some of my goals would be to own my own house, get married and settle down.”
2017 Supported Employment Employee of the Year. Pedro Soares

2017 Employer of the Year Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore Executive Chef, Robert Supik

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