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Integral to the mission of MacDonald Training Center

“to empower people with disabilities to lead the lives they choose,” is the overarching goal of providing high quality job skills training to those seeking community employment.


MTC has taken an unparalleled step in the kinds of job training skills offered to those with developmental disabilities by the launch of our innovative, “Controlled Environment Room.


This room presents opportunities for blister packaging and general assembly requiring a high level of product safety and quality.  MTC is pleased to offer this skilled training as those involved will gain a better understanding of expectations in highly regulated work environment.


Today, MTC provides business services to twenty-eight companies. Twen four are contracts that came after the success of the SunPass. All are varied and pose significant challenges and training opportunities. Our fulfillment services range from pick, pack and ship items such as Shamus for Sea World Parks and Entertainment purchased on Amazon to alligator jerky on line orders for “Alligator Bob.”


MTC completely transformed the way we do business and in doing so has transformed the lives of many people with disabilities living and now working in our community.


MTC’s Controlled

Environment Room, is an innovation in the types of employment skills training offered to adults with intellectual disabilities. It was developed by a generous donation from local businesspersons Gary and Melody Johnson.  This controlled environment has augmented safety and sanitation procedures. The controlled environment has potential for clean zone packaging based on customer specifications.  It is equipped with wash-down tiling, food grade paint and High Efficiency Particulate Air filters.  These regulatory advancements will allow for contamination control, monitored air flow, and a segregated area from other packaging contracts.


For Information about Fulfillment Services

 please contact:



Tom Moylan,

Production Manager

813 870-1300 ext.281


WFLA story about MTC’s new

Controlled Environment Room


“MTC packaged everything perfectly for us

for the Home Shopping Network. HSN has

very stringent quality standards

and we never had even one return”

Debra Weisser, Hem Eze.


“The business had grown to the point where it’s more than I can handle, and I needed somebody to do the pick, pack and ship so I can concentrate on the selling. They do a very fine job.”

Alligator’s Bob’s CEO

Robert Young


As we look forward to new challenges and partnerships, our aim is to shatter the barrier of the out-dated sheltered work-shop concept and to help the people we serve to realize their full potential as valued and contributing members of our community. One of the ways we will do this is as a “pack and ship” resource. Our main location, close to Tampa International Airport and the major highways, affords MTC and our business partners, a great advantage for timely shipping.




Florida Unique Abilities Partner
United Way

VP: 813-402-0383 (local)

1-866-948-6184 (toll free)


Tampa Location

(813) 870-1300 | Fax (813) 872-6010

5420 W. Cypress Street

Tampa, Florida 33607-1706



Plant City Location

(813) 752-6508 | Fax (813) 752-8851

2902 Cork Road

Plant City, Florida 33565-5617



Any individual needing help,

please call 813-870-1300

for personalized assistance.

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